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WIP: Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve by Crocofielius
WIP: Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve
For my life drawing project. Idea: Wearing your heart on your sleeve.

And commence, Dio:

"Well, I'm hanging from the cobwebs in you mind
It looks like a long, long way to fall
No one ever told me life was kind
I guess I never heard it, I never heard it all

Living in a world of make believe
You can hide behind what's real
Wearing your emotions on your sleeve
And they all know what you feel

Here it comes again
Straight through the heart
Straight through the heart

Oh, never tell a secret with your eyes
It's the eyes that let you down
Tell a little truth with many lies
It's the only way I've found

Oh, here it comes again
Straight to your heart
Right in the middle of your heart"
Wow!!!! It's really been a while XD

I've just  been busy with... college, art school, work XD Hahahaha

What have I been doing lately? That. Eating Chinese every week with my superb roommate, hangin' with my homies aka the other wuitemates, throwin' dinner parties, eating hoards of food, experimenting with fashion sense. All of those girlie 20-something college kid thing :)

I'm really sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, let alone all of the things I've done for Life Drawing- not that they're any good :P Great teacher! I'm glad he didn't like anybody's work ;) Hey, he put my work on his website and used it as an example of the class work :) Which meant I wasn't as bad XD

Anyways, that is rambling since I do not have the time nor do you have the interest in reading a novel's worth to understand the scope of 2nd semester freshman year :)

Just ended my first day of college, junior year! :D

So yes, in other, more important news, I have had several little jobs working as an artist. I write and draw two comics per week for the school's newspaper- the Eastern Echo (I go to Eastern Michigan University if you are wondering :) ); I cartoon for a company in Taylor, MI; I work for Grey Wolfe Publishing and I have illustrated two published books for them. You can find them here on Amazon:… :)

And I have a book I illustrated for a coworker of mine at the Echo in the works :)

I'm definitely interested in running a blog again, and I plan to make some changes to my journals, work, and comment-output. ;)

Hope to talk to you guys more! Hope you guys are still interested in my work :)
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Crocofielius, MizzTuatara, LizardOverlord
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Greetings! I shout from the Great Lakes' personal Mitten. It dropped the right hand mitten down south (Florida) XD

I am a wandering, anxious, nervous and struggling spirit with but a pencil in her hand and an even greater fear of dying XD (Wow that was depressing and negative XD)

I love late 20th century stuff. Why? There was so much GREATlyish NEW technology and great things going on, ALL IN RESTRAINT. Not to say that I don't love being a turn-of-the-century child (was born in 1994), but I think we've spoiled ourselves and turned the great wonders of movies, telephones, MUSIC and did I mention MUSIC, into a really... not good at all thing. Rotten and mass-produced, there's no wonder and quality to it.

Maybe I'll get that across in my artwork and stories, just maybe XD

And through my profound love for Bon Jovi. Yes. I think I might mention that band in all my artist's comments for all my pictures XD

People love me because I'm uber nice and crazy and funny and talented. And I really want a blind date XD

My gallery is free to your viewing pleasures! Mwah!

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Hello Crocofielius,
My name is Yolanda Dunderdale and I am a children's book author. I am interested in purchasing your Lizard With Headphones illustration. Please contact me if interested:

Warm Regards :)
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Thanks for the faves on my comic book work!!! [link]

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If not interested, that's cool too, i still appreciate the faves, and the support!
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